Tuesday, 13 February 2018

New version of Familybirdz Launched!

We are happy to launch a new version of Familybirdz with significant usability enhancements, thanks to all your feedback. Here are some highlights of this new version.


You can click anywhere on a member-card (and not just on 3-dots) in any screen to know about details of that member. Enlarged version of the profile pic with a menu would be displayed. From here, you can check-out the profile, nest (immediate family), circle (connected members), moments, photos, family occasions or even chat with that person.

Who is this?

This option is available in member-menu and when selected displays your relation with that person. If you do not seem to know a member in buzz, occasions or any other screen, select this option to figure out who the person is.

Bottom action bar in main screens

All frequently used options including buzz (receive updates from connected families, across generations), photos (upload and view your photos), moments (share and view your moments), chatter (chat with connected members), requests (all bond requests received and sent) and today (all occasions for the current day shown in one place) are provided in an action bar at the bottom of all main screens.

Action bar for cards

Buzz, occasion, moments and photos sections have standardized and appropriate action bar at the bottom of each card in them. These options include hearting a buzz item, wishing on occasions, remembering a member when he / she passes-away, viewing all photos and seeing history of moments.

START screen

Clicking on ‘start’ option at the bottom shows a screen divided into blocks. The blocks provide options to define and view one’s own family, know about all connected families in circle / tree and many options to keep in touch with connected families. That is also the essence of Familybirdz. Info block has options to watch videos about Familybirdz and also share Familybirdz app details with others.

Cherish relationships!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

A platform for 1.3 billion Indians to cherish relationships in digital age !

In modern times, Indian families are getting nuclear and distributed. While Indians are family-oriented and value relationships, the distance is leading to communication gap. There is no platform for them to ‘bond better’ with families – including extended family and also families of friends, teachers and students – and keep in touch. 

Existing social networks are all ‘individualistic’ and do not allow any scope for ‘bonding of families’, which form the ethos of Indian society. It’s a challenge for most of the families to know the list of 50 families that they are deeply connected-with, even in this Internet age.

Popular social networks allow only the account holders to be connected with other account holders. The dependents – like kids, senior citizens, digital illiterates and deceased – are left out of the system and have no role to play in the context of activities in these systems. Also, the connections of these dependents fade away with location-change or after they pass-away.

There is no platform for Indian families till now, for online activities that reflect the social fabric of Indian society – know each other’s family better, celebrate occasions of all members including those who do not have online presence, inherit social circle, know family tree, offer tributes to people who pass-away, connect students to teachers at family-level and so on. 

We built Familybirdz platform to enable one to connect with FAMILIES of relatives, friends, teachers & students and keep in touch with them. It is #MadeInIndia and primarily meant for Indian families. 

Through Familybirdz, every member in a family can be present in the system, either as an account holder or digital dependent. One can connect with other members in the system – account holders or dependents – using real-life relationships and form a bond. Immediate family members are grouped together into a small unit known as ‘Nest’ in Familybirdz. A bond between two members in the Indian context is actually a bond between their families. So, when one connects with 50 members, it is equivalent to connecting with those 50 families (nests) ! Think of all the families that one would invite for a grand occasion like marriage at home. This is a reflection of one’s  real-life social network with added advantage that technology brings them even closer. 

When members across nests are connected with immediate family relationship, family tree gets extended. There is a provision in Familybirdz to browse through this family tree and know who-is-who or whereabouts of extended family.

As one can also connect with families (nests) of friends, teachers and students, one can see their social circle here. In Indian context, every member in a family typically knows the circle of each other. Reflecting the same behaviour, the circles of each of the nest members is allowed to be navigated as ‘family circle’ in Familybirdz. Family circle is thus the combination of circles of parents, siblings, grand-parents, spouse and children. One’s memorable life-activities are associated with members in this family circle in Indian context !
Join Familybirdz, connect with your near & dear families and keep in touch !  

Familybirdz intends to bring every member of 1.3 billion Indian population, and also the Indians across globe, on this platform. Every life-story could be shared with near & dear families and more importantly to future generations !

All those working professionals, self-employed and businessmen… let your busy-life not affect social networking. Make your presence felt for all the social occasions and never miss an opportunity to show gratitude !

All those teachers (in colleges and schools including teaching of fine arts like dance, vocal or instrumental) who work passionately and consistently with only interest to see their students shine… let the students be connected to their Guru !

All those farmers, weavers and others working in informal sectors tirelessly, to cater to their family… let your sons and daughters provide virtual identity for their parents and grand-parents; let your occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries also be celebrated with near and dear families !

All those homemakers & modern-dads… apart from your daily chores and work-routine, you take the role of a relationship-manager also at home. You need better tools, especially to manage your kids connections, occasions and moments !

All those NRIs… you have that urge to be connected to the roots always. While being connected to families back home, you can leave a legacy of wonderful Indian culture to future generations !

All those senior-citizens… you have worked for long and nurtured a beautiful family. You need to relax and cherish the relationships you nurtured all along. Take pride and carry your family, extended family and family circle in your pocket !

All those school-going and college-going adults… you have a great responsibility of carrying Indian culture and traditions on your shoulder. Do not take your previous generations for granted but take them along in life and cherish relationships !

We request you to join this unique and first-of-a-kind platform that reflects Indian social networking in digital age. You can leave a valuable legacy for your next generation – relationships and memories – through this platform while fostering Indian Culture ! 

Familybirdz – Cherish relationships !

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

What is unique about Familybirdz?

Familybirdz is a private social networking app that helps one to connect with FAMILIES of relatives, friends, teachers & students and also keep in touch with them.

It is primarily meant for Indian families and 'Made in India'. The idea is to blend traditional India, supporting family & social values, and modern India which is thriving on Internet growth.

As first-of-a-kind app across globe, It empowers Indian families with the following unique features.

  1. people get bonded with real-life relationships, thus reflecting real-life social network online
  2. brings dependents, who cannot manage their accounts by self, into online social network, thus making it complete
  3. helps connect and keep in touch with families of relatives, friends, teachers and students – wish on birthdays and wedding anniverseries, share family pictures and moments, offer tributes to those who pass-away and also chat
  4. allows students to stay connected with teachers, who are considered next to God in indian context, including their families
  5. reflects social fabric of Indian society, where family is the unit of bonding between two members
  6. helps nurture children’s connections from early age and launch into account holders at appropriate time, along with their activity til then
  7. enables a member to bring his immediate family into a family-unit known as Nest.  Connections between members across two nests atuomatically builds a Family Tree. This model lets everyone know who-is-who and whereabouts of extended family members
  8. helps leverage the social circle of spouse, siblings, parents and grand-parents to tap into their network and knowledge
  9. allows seamless inheritance of relationships, moments, photos and occasions to future generations
  10. sends reminders, allows wishing for birthdays and wedding anniverseries of members in connected families. Also provides a feature to send special occasion invite for everyone in family circle. One can not only make a list of all members in connected families to be invited for a marriage at home, but also invite them

Check out the following videos to understand more about Familybirdz.

Friday, 10 March 2017

How is family circle leveraged in Indian context?

Family Circle
Family circle represents the combination of your social circle, your parent’s circle, your siblings circle, your kid’s circle and so on. In Familybirdz context, family circle constitutes of families of relatives, friends, teachers and students of all members in “My Nest”. The list of these members can be seen in one screen under ‘Circle’ section. 

Our life-events are enjoyed mostly with members from our family circle. Though a lot happens in life outside this circle too, these circle moments are more meaningful and worthy-to-remember for us. 

Some of these moments around family circle members…

  1. the biggest event in any Indian family is a wedding. One invests a lot of time and effort to make this event memorable in life for the bride and groom. The invitee list for this event is the entire family circle…
  2. get-togethers could happen when someone comes from abroad, a person takes retirement, to welcome a new born into family or just to catch-up over a weekend for fun. Aunts, uncles, cousins, friends of self and siblings make their presence felt on these occasions…
  3. son completed his degree and looking for a job. Parents would look in their network for suitable contacts…
  4. a subset of family circle is invited for private house-warming ceremony. Families close to parents and siblings are invited…
  5. daughter going to a different city for job or post-marriage and parents would like to connect her with members from their family circle in the new place…
  6. a birthday bash, especially for a kid below 10 years or senior citizens around 60 years, is a rejoicing moment. Family circle members are gladly invited for this occasion…
  7. uncle is looking for transfer of his government job to his favorite place and looks for recommendation from appropriate persons through family circle…
  8. wedding anniversary of parents or grand-parents are celebrated quietly with few members from inner family circle…
  9. holiday trips are more fun with fellow families…
  10. someone in family might be looking for contacts to a PR firm, connections to a doctor, introduction to personnel in government department and so on. In most of these cases, in Indian context, those people are found in the family circle only…
Baby showers, naming ceremony, annaprasana, mundan, akshara abhyasa, upanayanam, half-saree function, engagement, mehendi, nalugu, sangeet, funerals, religious recitals and many other such events are times for family-gatherings in Indian context, where members from family circle are invited.

Familybirdz provides a platform to connect, know and keep in touch with all these members in family circle. 

Saturday, 25 February 2017

How do I use Familybirdz App?

Familybirdz is a social networking app which is useful for anyone who wants to connect with families of near & dear and keep in touch with them. Familybirdz ensures that all members of a family are present online and reflects real-life social networking. It is made in India and made for all Indians. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms.

As it is a social networking app, the first step is to sign-up, which is absolutely free.  After sign-up, there are just 3 steps to cherish relationships using Familybirdz:

step 1:  Build ‘My Nest’

Build ‘My Nest’, which shows one’s immediate family. This involves ‘adding’ all those members in family, who cannot manage their accounts by themselves and are denoted as ‘dependents’ in the system. Other members in immediate family, who can manage their accounts can be ‘invited’ to become ‘account holders’. Building ‘My Nest’ is a one-time effort.

step 2:  Bond with Families

Once your relatives, friends, teachers or students also join Familybirdz, search and bond with them using real-life relationships.  Once you are bonded, you can see their nest and anyone in their family can see your nest. You can establish bonds for your dependents also. You can thus bring all the families that matter to you and your family in life, to one place – virtually.

step 3: Keep in touch

You can invite members from your family circle for any occasions, wish them on their occasions, offer tributes to those who pass-away, check out your entire family circle, know your family tree or share life-moments.

Here is a video which shows how to follow the above three steps using the Familybirdz app:

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Do you know who are the 50 families close to yours?

Everyone is born into a family and we are connected to many such families over a period of time. Our uniqueness in India is that we are connected to our friends, teachers and students also at family-level.

Unlike in old times, families to which we are bonded have grown nuclear and distributed. For umpteen reasons, the ones close to us have moved to different places.

Cousins travel abroad and take-up new roles and responsibilities…

Uncles and Aunts travel between cities as they are both working…

Siblings get married and lead new-found life in different locations…

Job transfers in government department takes family to new places…

Higher-education takes kids to new cities or even countries…

We study at different schools and colleges and bond with best of friends and teachers very well. But we are not in that place anymore…

We have lot of childhood friends in places where we stayed. With times, each of us settle down or keep moving across different places…

When there are occasions at home, those are the people we love to share our happiness with!

With so many of them spread across the globe or country, how do we keep in touch with them? If there is an occasion at home – like house-warming, marriage, birthday, funeral or get-together –  how do we invite them all? How do we let the next generation know about our relations ranging from siblings to cousins or aunts to uncles? Do we know whereabouts of these close-knit families? Don’t we miss their important occasions like birthdays and wedding anniverseries? How do we share our life moments with these families?

The key question is - do you know who are those 50 families that really matter to you and your family in life, wherever they might be, and how do you keep in touch with them at family level?

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Cherish relationships through Familybirdz !

Indians tend to connect with each other at family-level and there are umpteen moments to cherish in one’s life, in the context of interactions between the families. Every member in the family – kids, senior citizens or any other members who are not computer literate – plays a role in making moments memorable. With the presence of all members in a family online, Familybirdz provides a unique possibility to complement the real-life social networking online.

Though structure is the same, every family has unique attributes. How each family cherishes relationships could be unique based on these attributes and context. Here is an attempt to showcase few possibilities to cherish relationships through Familybirdz: